Commercial Bathroom

Upgrade Your Commercial Bathroom

Stakat Building works with businesses to repair, upgrade and install their corporate and commercial bathrooms. We strip out the old and provide all of the necessary modifications. Updating your existing bathrooms is a fantastic way to improve your company and workplace hygiene, especially in current times with our fight against COVID 19.

Improved Reputation

Having an old or unreliable bathroom can leave an unsavoury impression on both customers and employees. By investing and updating your bathroom, you present yourself as a forward-thinking industry that cares about the details and believes in high standards.

Save More Money

Bathrooms in businesses are used often, which means that energy-wasting appliances can quickly add costs. New bathrooms are designed to reduce waste and save energy, saving your business money on water, electricity, disposable items and potential maintenance problems.

Increase Sanitation

Newer devices in bathrooms are more than just modern conveniences. These features work to stop the spread of germs and to keep your restroom neat and clean. Preventing germs helps keep your customers and employees healthy and allows for continued work in your industry.