Commercial Building Repairs and Maintenance Matraville

Commercial Building Repairs and Maintenance Matraville

A commercial area not only includes a lawn and some ordinary rooms. It may be of any type and any size. Therefore, you may need to install and repair some important property elements. Changing the doors and windows according to the latest standards not only adds to the worth of your property but also boosts the aesthetic appeal and protects your property from external elements.

Style. Charm. Professional Outlook

There are some elements or areas of your building that attract visitors. For instance, parking garages may not be the most stylish feature of your building, but they are likely to be one of the most commonly used amenities. Maintaining a clean and orderly parking garage lets customers know that you care and are professional in your work.

For perfect commercial building repairs and maintenance service in Matraville, you will need a cleaning service that you can trust to get the job done consistently and comprehensively. STAKAT provides an economical and innovative deep maintenance of your concrete surfaces. We will provide you with multiple options that will suit the needs of your particular garage based on age, traffic, and consumer dwell time.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When your building has unexpected damage due to water infiltration, you want it fixed by someone you can trust quickly and affordably. But, most of Matraville’s commercial building repairs and maintenance companies are not equipped to handle all your immediate repair needs. STAKAT is a fully staffed department dedicated exclusively to helping property managers and building owners with your building’s rapid leak detection, maintenance, and repair.

Our skilled experts cover water testing and repairs for water infiltration, exterior repairs for concrete, and waterproofing issues on buildings and parking structures. Along with this, we also specialize in maintaining a clean and safe working environment in your buidling. 

Proficient Communication with Proactive Maintenance

We understand that communication is the key to success, especially when communicating with the Property Managers. That is why our process is designed to keep you informed every step. Our dedicated STAKAT Coordinator will oversee each project and communicate with you throughout. 

Your project will be scheduled within 24hrs of the award. You will receive an appointment confirmation email, day-before service confirmation, day-of check-in, end-of-day check out, next-day customer service call, and a post-work service record documenting before and after conditions. Our goal is to keep you informed at every stage of the process. This allows you to communicate with your tenants and building owner effectively.

Having a well-maintained building not only leaves visitors awe-struck but also adds value to your property. Let us know, and our experts will come up with maintenance ideas that you will love.

Call us today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your commercial building!