Commercial Doors

At Stakat we can service and maintain your commercial doors in your warehouse or office. From hinges, locks, and any other component we can repair or install to meet code and keep your premises functioning correctly.

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-Rated Doors are used as part of a building’s fire protection system. They work to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between areas in a building, allowing people inside to escape safely. These doors come with different fire-resistant ratings and can be made out of glass, gypsum, steel, timber, vermiculite boards or aluminium.

Steel-Clad Doors

The word clad refers to the outer material or the covering of the door. Doors with a steel exterior or covering are highly versatile and work well as exterior facing doors that need to take heavy traffic. They are also an excellent solution for both energy efficiency and safety, keeping your business secure from all kinds of external elements.

Specialist Security Doors

Our specialist security doors are tailored to provide safety, protection and security specific to the needs of your business. We know that every industry is different and that no one door will meet every business’s unique security need. Talk to us today about what type of security door works for you.