Palisade Fencing Campbelltown

For sites that require a high level of protection, palisade fencing Campbelltown is a fantastic option. Perhaps the most conventional type of security fence, this permanent structure delivers exceptional strength and longevity. 

Once put together, the system provides a fencing system that is strong, durable and a potent barrier against crime and destruction.

What is a palisade fence?

To create panels, palisade fencing comprises sturdy vertical steel pales fastened to horizontal rails. There is a common type of perimeter security fencing when there is a need for more security and vandal resistance. Two horizontal rails and two vertically running rails are used to build palisade fences. Palisade fences are available in various sizes, from 1 to 3 meters tall.

The best palisade fencing installer Campbelltown

Here at the Stakat building, we believe in creating an experience where you, the consumer, come first. We are one of Campbelltown ‘s leading suppliers and installers of fencing products. We offer products from Campbelltown ‘s most reputable brands for fence supplies and certified fencing installers, and we can source products for you at affordable pricing.

Our goal is to provide you with the broadest selection and top-notch customer service. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team can respond to your inquiries and provide you with a thorough and affordable proposal that will meet your demands. 

Why Us?

Stakat uses steel manufactured in Australia to make its fence line. The variety includes security gates, chain-wire fencing, and palisade fencing Campbelltown in various colors. The Stakat fencing collection has something to suit every taste and is made to last. We also provide any type of domestic or residential fencing. However, offer fencing options as well for business and industrial requirements.

The benefits of palisade fencing

Palisade fencing has the advantage of being simple to add additional security measures, which makes it superior to some other types of fencing. Options include concrete sills, underground pales, monitored electric pulse fence, barbed wire, razor wire, and rotating toppers. As long as the angle of incidence is not too extreme, security personnel can see through the gaps between the pales or use CCTV to monitor the area.

To ensure the quality of the installation, Stakat Building never uses temporary labor but rather our team of qualified installers. Palisade fencing offers a durable, upkeep-free security fence when appropriately erected. However, if the steel palisade fence is damaged, we can easily replace individual palisades or entire panels.

Wrap Up

Palisade fencing is used frequently in Campbelltown. The significant locations where it is prevalent are along freeways, railway tracks, government service compounds, and commercial places that require a potent deterrent to prevent people from entering the area. In addition, the palings are substantially more difficult to breach than garrison fencing since they are made of 3 mm thick steel.

So think about Stakat Building fencing if you want the highest security fencing available.