Palisade Fencing Luddenham

Palisade fencing Luddenham is an excellent choice for areas that require a high level of security. Possibly the most common form of security fence, this permanent construction offers remarkable durability and sturdiness. Once assembled, the system creates a fence system that is sturdy, long-lasting, and an effective deterrent against criminal activity and property destruction.

Palisade Fencing in Luddenham

Palisade fencing Luddenham consists of durable vertical steel pales attached to horizontal rails to form panels. A typical perimeter security fence style is used when increased security and vandalism resistance are required. Two horizontal and two vertical rails are utilised to construct palisade fences. The height of the palisade fences ranges from 1 to 3 metres.

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Here at the Stakat building, we believe in establishing an environment in which you, the customer, are prioritised. We are a leading seller and installation of fence materials in Sydney. We provide items from Sydney’s most respected companies for fence supplies and qualified fence installers, as well as the ability to acquire materials at competitive prices.

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Why Us?

Stakat employs Australian-made steel to construct its barrier. There are numerous hues of security gates, chain-wire fence, and palisade fencing. The Stakat fence series caters to all tastes and is built to last. We also offer any form of residential or domestic fence. However, provide fence choices for commercial and industrial applications.

Advantages of palisade fencing Luddenham

It is simple to add extra security measures to palisade fence, which makes it preferable to certain other fencing styles. Concrete sills, subsurface palings, a monitored electric pulse fence, barbed wire, razor wire, and spinning toppers are among the available options. If the incidence angle is not too great, security officers can see through the gaps between the palisades or utilise CCTV to monitor the area.

To assure the quality of the installation, Stakat Building employs only certified installers, never casual labour. When properly installed, palisade fencing provides a secure, maintenance-free barrier. However, if the steel palisade fence is broken, individual palisades or full panels may be simply replaced.

Where are Palisade Fences used?

In Sydney, palisade fence is utilised regularly. It is widespread around motorways, railway tracks, government service facilities, and commercial areas that require a significant deterrent to keep people from entering. In addition, the 3 mm steel thickness of the palings makes them much more difficult to breach than garrison fence.

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