Palisade Fencing Penrith

Palisade fence is a great alternative for Penrith locations that require a high level of security. This permanent structure is the most common type of security fence, and it offers exceptional durability and sturdiness. Once assembled, the system provides a dependable, durable, and practical option for deterring vandalism and crime.

A summary of palisade fence

Palisade fence consists of vertical steel panes connected to horizontal rails to produce panels. This specific perimeter security fence is typically used when higher levels of security and intruder resistance are required. Two horizontal and two vertical rails comprise a palisade fence. Palisade fencing is available in heights between 1 and 3 metres. A palisade fence panel is the most common choice for locations requiring a greater level of security and vandalism resistance. Due to its superior damage resistance and difficult climbing ability, steel palisade fence is used in industrial and educational settings.

The top local installer of palisade fencing

At the Stakat building, we feel it is essential to foster an environment where the customer comes first. We are the top supplier and installation of fence products in Sydney. In addition to providing materials from Sydney’s most reputable fence supply companies and skilled fence installers, we can also locate materials at reasonable prices.

Our mission is to offer the largest assortment and finest customer service in Penrith. In response to your enquiries, our exceptionally trained and experienced staff will give you with a comprehensive, cost-effective approach that meets your demands.

Why should you rely on Stakat?

Stakat employs steel produced in Australia to create its fence line. Security gates, chain-wire fence, and colourful palisade fencing are the available options. The Stakat fencing line is durable and offers something for every taste. Of course, we also provide residential and domestic fence. We also provide fence options for commercial and industrial applications.

Popular Choices

Steel palisade fence in Penrith is one of the most popular perimeter security alternatives we provide. This fence serves as both an optical and tactile barrier. It is a popular solution for businesses seeking to safeguard their premises.

The Palisade fence system provides an aesthetically pleasing security barrier with a high-strength steel construction designed to withstand impact and dissuade potential attackers with pale features that discourage scaling.

Quick installation

Due to the superior rail support, this security fence may be built in as little as half the time of standard systems installed between posts.

Security Integration

This barrier system, which protects cables through a steel rail raceway within the Palisade Fence System, may be integrated with intrusion detection and other electronic security components.

Increased Service Life

Our proprietary architectural-grade powder coating, applied to high-quality galvanised steel, provides the longest-lasting protection in the industry.

Not convinced yet?

Palisade is extensively used around the world, and it is maybe now evident why. A palisade is an excellent alternative for deterrent and high-security fence due to its threatening look and solid security features. You may add a few optional security features to your fence in addition to its standard security features to increase its level of protection. Stakat Building’s fence installers and fencing specialists can assist with and provide guidance for Penrith palisade fencing.