Palisade Fencing Sydney

What are the advantages of installing a new fence, such as a palisade fence, if you consider replacing and upgrading your security fence? For sites that require a high level of protection, palisade fencing in Sydney is a fantastic option. 

Two horizontal rails and two vertically running rails are used to build palisade fences. Palisade fences are available in various sizes, from 1 to 3 meters tall. Perhaps the most conventional type of security fence, this permanent structure delivers exceptional strength and longevity. 

The perimeter of a site can be made secure at all times by installing a steel palisade security fencing system because of its sturdy design and frightening appearance, effectively deters intrusion and theft. With the addition of a polyester powder coating finish, palisade fencing can also serve as an efficient boundary delineator.

Why should I consider Stakat Building for palisade fencing?

One of the first security fences, palisade fencing, is typically constructed from steel beams lined up along a steel frame. This fence gives any property a modern, stylish appearance and is quite tough to scale. Our steel palisade fencing is made entirely of steel, is incredibly adaptable, and offers good security due to its cut- and climb resistance. In addition, there are numerous sizing options and finishes available. In comparison, some less expensive palisade fencing from other vendors is non-compliant. Our high-security fencing complies with BS 1722-12 (Fences – Specification for steel palisade fences).

Are palisade fences strong enough?

Palisade fences are incredibly durable. These fences must withstand severe abuse while protecting the area they are erected to secure. Steel, a sturdy and challenging material to disassemble, is used to make contemporary palisade fences. Why are they so resilient? While the cold rolling method used to create palisade fencing makes steel lighter than other metals, it in no way reduces the strength of the material. No heat is used in the cold rolling process, which includes passing the steel through a series of rollers at room temperature, where the metal is progressively shaped into the desired shape. The steel is also galvanized to prevent rust on the palisade fencing in Sydney

Adding polyester powder coating will make the steel more resilient and give it a brighter appearance. This guarantees that the steel is shielded from rust, which would corrode the steel and render the palisade fence in Sydney all but unusable. In addition, these steel treatments induce the material weatherproof and reduce the amount of upkeep and repairs needed for the fence.

Are you looking for the best security fencing solution?

In Sydney, palisade fencing is frequently used. The primary locations where it is prevalent are near freeways, railway tracks, government service compounds, and commercial establishments that require a potent deterrent to prevent people from entering the area. The steel palings are 3 mm thick, making them much harder to cut through than garrison fencing. You will receive quality planned and timely maintenance on your fencing needs through Stakat Building, a responsive, proactive, and cost-effective partner.